Welcome to Let’s order in! Let’s order in anything¬† full service delivery in Medicine Hat! The full service delivery company that lets you order in, anything! Well, almost anything, we are still waiting for Cannabis regulations. So what exactly does that mean? A full service delivery company?

It means you can download the Let’s order in app and you can view local menu’s for delivery. You can also use the apps Text to Order feature for your delivery order.

Don’t like using apps? We understand. Sometimes it is nice to just talk to a human being. Well you can do that to for your delivery.

All you have to do is call us and we will gladly take your order for whatever you want to order for delivery.

So whether you want to use the online menus on the app or your computer, text us or call us for your delivery, we are ready to go.

Don’t worry about waiting on the phone or having troubles making sure the person you call understands everything you want.

In today’s competitive markets consumers have more choices then ever but shopping and spending their money locally is still important. Consumers want their delivery dollars to support the merchant now more then ever.

Not only do customers want to support the restaurants they are ordering from, they also want to know they are getting a good deal on what they are ordering for delivery.

Let’s order in is the local delivery app, operating in Medicine Hat, Brooks and Drumheller. Our goal is a simple one. To be the merchants partner in the community.

In fact, we work for the merchant, not the other way around. We are not a middle man that asks for a huge commission, one that effects the restaurants profit margin.

We don’t charge our merchants to list their menus. We also want you to know we don’t inflate the menu pricing online for delivery either. The customer will pay the same amount for their delivery order online as they would dining in at the restaurant.

We also aim to save our customers money by offering some of the lowest rates in industry! We also don’t charge you extra to pay for your delivery with a debit or credit card. Why should you have to pay, to pay?

We believe in keeping everything simple when it comes to being your local delivery app. We think you should get all perks and goodies when you decide to order in and get delivery.

You should get fast and friendly services from professional associate drivers that care about getting your delivery to you while it’s hot and fresh.

Let’s order in was created to serve our local communities and support local drivers and merchants at the same time delivering to you the consumer. We want our customers to know we are a team and we believe in everything we do for the community. We live here and we work here to serve you. We are not just an ordinary delivery company.

We believe in good old fashioned service with a smile! We also believe that we can use old school ways like a telephone call for delivery or a user friendly advanced mobile application to streamline the process for the customer and the merchant.

The next time you say what’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, just say Let’s order in!

App us, text us, or call us! Let’s order in anything, Get What You Want Delivered!